Web Design Mistakes That Are Hurting Your SEO Strategy

October 24, 2017
Web Design Company Dubai

Web Design Mistakes That Are Hurting Your SEO Strategy

An effective website is one that provides a lot more than stunning visuals. An effective website will boost your visibility online, enhance your brand image, and ultimately, increase your sales levels. If your website is currently languishing at the bottom of Google’s result pages and your traffic levels are low, it could be because the web design company Dubai based you have hired has made several critical mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes an amateur web design company in Dubai may make is not incorporating enough content. Product and service pages are the most important part of your website. Thin content can really hurt your online visibility. Some of the most common mistakes include not having much text on your service and product pages, having one page that lists numerous products and services, and not having product or service pages on your site. Another reason to choose a web design company Dubai based with care is to ensure they implement an effective pop-up strategy. This is one area where a lot of businesses are going wrong. Pop-ups should enhance the user experience. However, in most cases, they are simply intrusive. When this is the case, your rankings are negatively impacted before a visitor has even had the chance to read the main content on your website. Putting text into an image instead of incorporating a text layer over the top of the image is also an error. It’s important to recognise that search engines do not see things in the same way as we do, and so they cannot read any of the text on an image.

Another common mistake that can have a negative impact on your site when done incorrectly is infinite scroll. Search engine crawlers will not be able to find your pages if your Dubai web designer has not set your pagination correctly. Large images and media files can also prove to be a real problem. This is because they can slow down the speed of your website. A slow loading time will equate to a low ranking. There are a number of tools you can use to determine whether your images and media files are too large. Is your web design Dubai mobile friendly? If not, this is likely to be the main reason why you are struggling to climb search engine result pages. A responsive website design is critical, as it ensures all users benefit from an optimal viewing experience irrespective of the device they are using. Mobile SEO and desktop SEO are also different, and so it is important to work with professionals that recognise this and tailor your website accordingly. Finally, missing H1 tags are guaranteed to reduce website visibility. Search engines use H1 tags to find out what a website is about. If you don’t have H1 tags, how will they rank your website appropriately?

As you can see, there are many factors that come together to ensure a successful website design. This is why it is vital to choose a web design company Dubai way with care. Don’t settle for an amateur company that cuts corners and does not know how to increase your website’s visibility.